Fold Font

Typography, Motion


Fold Font is a typographic design. It is inspired by the calligraphic strokes of Chinese characters. I used simple paper folding up and down to mimic the strokes I would write with brush, then combined the strokes piece by piece to create this simple and innovative typography. 










The design started from my Chinese name, 黃鈺淇 (Huang Yu-Chi). I used strips of paper to construct the characters. As the three characters are continuous I connected the mutual strokes together but remain the characteristic of the individual characters. Then I utilized those strokes that were taken off during the joining process to form my nickname, Tina. This personal identity represents that both Chinese and English name are part of me and they are not separated but came from the same source. Merging the concept of traditional Chinese character strokes with modern look of folded paper, the Fold font was made. The English alphabets keep a good balance between western and eastern style. It is a great symphony and fresh combination of typography with delicate structure. 



02-Overhead-Shot_fold font_mockup.png